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HELIX OXFORD MATHS SET B43000 Pack of 5 Helix Oxford Maths Set. Traditional design tin box containing metal self-centring compass and pencil eraser sharpener 15cm/150mm rule 45 and 60 degree set square 180 degree protractor 10mm lettering stencil and timetable/fact sheet.
Inc Vat £34.37
HELIX GEOMETRY 4 TOOL SET Q88100 Pack of 1 Helix Geometry 4 Tool Set Q88100
Inc Vat £3.35
HELIX SAFETY COMPASS ASSORTED Pack of 25 This Helix safety compass is self centring and comes with a unique safety point. The modern design features a large easy grip and a bow top. It comes in a pack of 25 in three assorted colours.
Inc Vat £28.67
HELIX GEOMETRY SCHOOL PACK Q99040 Pack of 1 Ideal classroom resource for geometry lessons. Allows for up to 30 students to participate. Includes 30 each of: Shatter Resistant 30cm Rule Metal Safety Compass. Angle Measure 9cm Pencil 13cm/60 degrees Set Square and 10cm/45 degrees Set Square.
Inc Vat £81.29
HELIX VALUE MATHS SET BLUE A54000 Pack of 12 Helix maths set includes 15cm ruler 45 and 60 degree set squares 180 degree protractor self centering compass 9cm pencil sharpener eraser.
Inc Vat £40.91
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